What is Shared

Knowledge and experience sharing platform. One place where you can find information on different topics, through different platforms – expert talks, webinars, seminars or workshops.


Shared emphasize the human components of knowledge in addition to information storage and retrieval.




Information is really just the data or details of something, but knowledge is connected to the experience and context of somebody who’s understood and used that data.

That is why we have created SHARED program:

To manage knowledge properly and give people a platform to share and access it.

For Whom

For the family of professionals in the field of sterilization packaging.

Sterile Processing Professionals – CSD managers, nurses, pharmacists

OR nurses distributors.



How to use SHARED

To make the most of the SHARED program, simply register and we will take care of the rest.

You will be regularly informed about upcoming projects, but above all you will gain access to the archive of all past events.



Expert Talks – Live sharing of ideas and knowledge with guest experts

Webinars – Shared online seminars on popular topics

Patient Safety Forum – online or offline educational sessions with guest speakers


Are you interested in educational session on specific topic?

Or team of experts is ready to help. Let us know more about your pain points and needs so we can advise you the best content and prepare tailor-made webinar.

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